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Mai este loc la nunta Ta


Muzica crestina – Isus iubit cînd vei veni

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Ligia Bodea – Isus iubit


Mai este loc la nunta Ta


Mai este loc la nunta Ta


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Noi spunem ca vine Domnul dar nu mai credem ca-n curand, ne facem planuri mari in fiecare zi, scoli inalte, mastere si doctorate, burse in afara tarii (slava Domnului pentru binecuvantari), cumparari de case si masini in rate pe 30 de ani, vacante linistite in tari dezvoltate fara evanghelizare, servicii in occident cu frecventa rara la biserica, negocieri de contracte pe 7 ani, sa fim siguri ca avem si nu vom duce lipsa, vindem si cumparam lucruri viabile pentru multi ani.

Si totusi ne asteapta o nunta sigura si unica fara echivoc, indiferent de starea civila, indiferent de frumusete si bani, chiar daca avem sau nu avem casa personala (adica nu ce au parintii), indiferent de pozitie sociala, poti sa fii maturator stradal sau nu, chiar daca nu esti o inteligenta sclipitoare, poti sa nu ai master sau doctorat, sau poti sa ai si una si alta (e mai greu sa le faci pe amandoua ce-i

drept), poti sa lucrezi sau nu in occident, poti fi cel mai sarac om de pe pamant sau nu, poti fi bolnav sau sanatos.

Cand El te cheama la nunta nimic nu te va putea tine pe pamant, nici avionul pe care il pilotezi si il vei lasa fara carma, nici vaporul pe care il conduci spre un alt tarm, nici autobuzul incarcat cu oameni pe care il conduci spre urmatoarea statie, nici clasa de elevi careia ii predai, nici patul de spital, nici familia nemantuita, nici colegii cu nevoi, nici sedinta cu sefii, nici misiunea din Africa, nici facultatea pe care o urmezi constiincios, nici serviciul de caritate in care lucrezi pentru Dumnezeu, nici festivalul de muzica din weekend, nici drumul spre o viata mai buna pe pamant, nici cancerul si nici leucemia. Cand El te cheama la nunta nimic nu te va putea tine pe pamant.

Vine o nunta mare care nu tine cont de posibilitati si lipsuri de pe pamant, o nunta cum n-a mai fost si nici nu va mai fi, o nunta pe care unii o asteapta de doua mii de ani, o nunta pentru care toti sfintii din cer se roaga sa inceapa, o nunta pentru care si unii sfinti de pe pamant se roaga sa inceapa.
O nunta cu invitati de seama din biserica primara, martirii pentru Isus Hristos sunt deja acolo sus, asteapta trambita ce va anunta venirea miresii, fara fasoane pamantesti, si fara diferente intre nuntasi.
E nunta perfecta pregatita de doua mii de ani de Isus Hristos, o nunta pentru care Fiul va face-un drum spre pamant pentru a-si lua mireasa, rapsozi si cantareti de clasa, ingeri si heruvimi, arhangheli, bucurie mare, e nunta Mielului, cu haine ceresti de sarbatoare si alai imparatesc.

Ferice de cei chemati la nunta Mielului.

Asteptati-l pe Isus, El vine curand.

Autor: Vasile Iancu


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Will The Rapture Be Pre-Trib?


Jesus IS coming to rapture (catch up) his Church before the tribulation period. The thing is that, not all who call themselves Christian are. Everybody & their grandmother say they’re a Christian. They are NOT. Those people will be left behind & exposed for their lies. That’s what the Bible is saying when it says they will be naked. Exposed! Rev. 16:15 Sandie4111

God will remove the Church before pouring out His wrath. It may only be a small number of people, but He is coming back to catch them away.

There is a pre-trib rapture as described in 1Thess. 4:13-18 which also goes hand in hand with Rev. 3:10.

We, as true followers of Christ, have always had personal trials and tribulations that the Lord uses to make us stronger and conform us in His likeness. This is not what He speaks of in regard to rapturing us away.

He is taking us away from the time of testing which will befall all the inhabitants of the earth as described in Rev. 3:10(7 year Tribulation).

Otherwise, why would the Lord tell us to comfort one another with these words, as He did in 1Thessalonians 4:18?

If not for a pre-trib rapture, there’s no point in a rapture at all.

~God bless~RaptureMe2


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Dave Hunt [The Rapture]


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Dave Hunt – Second Coming Of Jesus


Uploaded by

Dave Hunt gives a detailed explanation on the meaning behind the Pre-Tribulation Rapture, Prophecy and what manner of character Christians ought to be before the return of Yeshua.

2 Peter 3:11-12
(11) Since everything will be destroyed in this way, think of the kind of holy and godly people you ought to be
(12) as you look forward to and hasten the coming of the day of God, when the heavens will be set ablaze and dissolved and the elements will melt with fire.

@filoIII What Dave Hunt said was logical: verses 30 & 31 tell us that those on earth will all see the return. Who is with Christ at THAT return? His people “from the four WINDS, from one end of HEAVEN to the other”! They were with Him in heaven. Before Revelation prophesies the tribulation and the curses on the earth, check where [7:15] the 144000 Israelites and the Great Multitude ALREADY ARE. Verse 14 also tells us they were washed in Christ’s Blood, not their own martyr’s blood.


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Hallelujah To The Lamb – Don Moen – HD – 720p – With Lyrics – ajayxlnc


Hallelujah to The Lamb


Hallelujah to the Lamb with Lyrics


Worship/Don Moen – Hallelujah To The Lamb


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 January 26

To me, to live is Christ. (Philippians 1:21 NIV)

In the wilderness the whole of our natural life is brought out, and we come to know our weakness and emptiness; that we have nothing. Thus it is that we now find everything in Christ and so can go over and possess. What is the secret of possession, of coming into our inheritance? It is that we have come to the place where all things are “in Christ” and He is everything – our very Life and being. Our flesh is cut off and we know as the deepest thing in our being, that unless God does everything in us by His Spirit, all is of no value. We must come to an end of our own working in order to come into His fullness. It is so easy to sit down in our weakness and nurse ourselves, but the Lord says at that point, “Arise and possess.” Your inheritance is not here on earth, it is in Christ in the heavenlies; not in yourselves, your fullness is in Him. It is ever His Fullness over against your emptiness; His Strength over against your weakness; your inheritance is all He is, as typified to Israel by the land flowing with milk and honey.

Paul says of Timothy, “he worketh the work of the Lord” (1 Cor. 16:10). There is to be an end of our works so far as we are concerned, nothing of us, as out from ourselves; but God says, in effect: “with your nothingness I will possess the heavens and the earth.” Oh, to be such a people, chastened and emptied of self, for the Holy Spirit by His energies to display the moral glories of the Lord Jesus in us and so through us. “To the intent that now unto principalities and powers might be made known through the Church the manifold wisdom of God” (Eph. 3:10,11). “That in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace… for we are His workmanship” (Eph. 2:7,10).

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Our Inheritance in Christ – Chapter 2 

This email is from the Austin-Sparks.Net Daily Open Windows message list. Open Windows messages have been selected from the works of T. Austin-Sparks. In some cases they appear in abridged form. The introductory verse and its associated Bible version have been selected by the website editors and did not always appear within the original message. We encourage you to forward, print and share this message with others. In keeping with T. Austin-Sparks’ wishes that what was freely received should be freely given, his messages are not copyrighted. Therefore, we ask if you choose to share them with others, please respect his wishes and offer them freely –
free of changes, free of charge and free of copyright.

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at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee on October 9,2011.

You must measure your choices by the measure of
1) eternity
2) morality
3) accountability
4) charity

Video of the Week – Ravi Zacharias – How to measure your choices.



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Ma-ncred in El



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A Contagious Ministry Is a Place of Grace

When considering church growth, we must think strategically . . . we must preach creatively . . . and our worship must connect. Absolutely. But we must also be careful. A marketing mentality and a consumer mind-set have no business in the church of Jesus Christ. By that I mean, Jesus is NOT a brand . . . human thinking does NOT guide God’s work . . . and the church is NOT a corporation. The church of Jesus Christ is a spiritual entity, guided by the Lord through the precepts of His Word.

If we sacrifice the essentials of teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer on the altar of strategy, creativity, entertainment, and “relevancy,” we have abandoned the main reasons the church exists. We should build on those essentials, not attempt to replace them.

In his second letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul underscored the principles of a contagious church. He began chapter two with a command that provides a church environment that is both biblical and attractive:

You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. (2 Timothy 2:1)

From the verb, be strong, we glean this distinctive for a contagious church: It is always necessary to be strong in grace. That sounds simple, but it will be one of the most difficult principles to apply in a consumerist culture.

Where does the application of this principle begin? With church leaders. Paul could write this command because he himself exemplified it. He proclaimed grace. He promoted grace. His message was the gospel of grace. He modeled grace. He relied on grace. Paul never forgot the importance of God’s unmerited favor in his own life . . . and it permeated his entire ministry (Romans 3:23–25; Ephesians 2:8; Titus 3:4–7).

Isn’t it amazing that this former legalistic Pharisee—this violent man whose life was once characterized by making sure that Christians were wiped out—was stopped in his tracks by grace? As I’ve studied the life of Paul, I find grace woven like a silver thread through the colorful tapestry of his ministry. Paul became the preeminent spokesman for grace.

Paul’s message offers the good news of grace to the lost. Imagine the impact our churches would have on our communities if each Christian were firmly committed to sharing the gospel of God’s great grace once a week with someone who expresses a need. The lost need to hear how they can cross the bridge from a life filled with emptiness and guilt and shame to a life flowing with mercy and peace and forgiveness . . . all because of His grace. We help build this bridge when we lovingly and patiently communicate the gospel.

You don’t need a seminary degree. You don’t have to know a lot of the religious vocabulary or even the nuances of theology. In your own authentic, honest, and unguarded manner, simply share with people what Christ has done for you. Who knows? It may not be long before you will know the joy of leading a lost person from a dark dungeon of death across the bridge to the liberating hope of new life in Christ.

How exciting . . . how contagious!



-If we sacrifice the essentials of teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer on the altar of strategy, creativity, entertainment, and “relevancy,” we have abandoned the main reasons the church exists. We should build on those essentials, not attempt to replace them.

-What a fantastic paragraph! I don’t know that anything I can say would say it any better and certainly not any clearer than you have here. I do think too much of a sacrifice of these essentials is being made and pray that we will recapture these very “relevant” essentials quickly.

-My son and his wife just had a girl and named her Grace! That, and your article is a sign to me again that God takes an active part in believers everywhere. Thank you Chuck for this article!!!!!!!!

-Your words are so true in this day and age …without the fellowship, teaching, breaking bread and prayer we are left to feed the alternatives which are the twisted thoughts and reasonings of the world and most are not based on the desires that God for us. There is a Hope in Jesus and His Word and fellowship with his people… not in the government, not in what the news chooses to project about our world,and not in the current world’s way of thinking…Thanks for your messages to encourage our work.


-“In your own authentic, honest, and unguarded manner, simply share with people what Christ has done for you.”

-Amen! What we do with others is simply contagious. If we become good examples, then a lot of people will be the same too. If you do good to others, then not only it will come back to you, it will also spread.

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