I Am Who I Am ,I Am The God Who Shows Wonders,I Am The Lord And My Voice Is Powerful And Full Of Majesty ,I Am God – Nothing Is Too Hard For Me I Am God Who Made All My Wonderful Works To Be Remembered I Am God And My Glory Thunders I Am The Spirit Of Knowledge And Understanding … I Am The Holy Spirit That Moved Upon The Deep I Am Worthy Of Worship, Glorious And Incomparable I Am God Who Makes Himself Known Through Visions I Am Dynamis Power I Am The Giver Of All Revelation I Am Glorious And Full Of Weighty Splendour I Am He – That Ascended To The Father I Am The Triune God Of Israel I Am God Who Performs Signs I Am God Who Speaks In Night Seasons I Am The King Of Glory I Am He Who Searches The Mind And Heart I Am Great And Greatly To Be Praised I Am Yah And Yahweh I Am The Creator Of All True Worship I Am Wisdom I Am Omniscient I Am The Lord Who Stretches Out The Heavens I Am God Who Speaks I Am Jehovah Rava, Your Healer I Am God Who Declares New Things Before They Spring Forth I Am The Answer Of Your Tongue I Am Prophecy Fulfilled – Never Early – Never Late I Am God Who Gives You Dreams I Am Above All Who Were Thought To Be Gods I Am Found In My Appointed Feasts I Am The Anointing Oil I Am The Bright Cloud That Comes To You I Am The Synagogue, Church, Tabernacle And Temple I Am The Living Water Of Life I Am The Shofar Trumpet I Am The Fountain Of Israel I Am Israel’s Living Star I Am The Passover I Am The Ark Of The Covenant I Am The Door I Am The Altar Of The Tabernacle I Am The Balm Of Gilead I Am The Rose Of Sharon I Am The Tree Of Life I Am The God Of Bethel I Am The Lily Of The Valley I Am God Who … Or Assigned Between You And Me I Am The Rainbow’s Colour I Am The Rock, There Is No Other I Am The Glory And The Cloud Of The Temple I Am The Bread Of Life I Am Your Rock – Full Of Living Water I Am The Light Of The World I Am A Consuming Fire I Am The North, Your Promoter I Am The Bright And Morning Star I Am The Light, Luminous, Glowing And Radiant One I Am God Who Is Merciful I Am Favour And I Grant Favour To Whom I Choose I Am God Of Hosts I Am The Prince Of Peace Prophesied By The Prophet Isaiah I Am God Who Restores Your Soul I Am The Friend Of Sinners I Am God – I Tempt No One I Am The God Of Peace I Am He Who Weeps With Those Who Weep I Am He Who Speaks From A Position Of Mercy I Am Longsuffering I Am My Spirit I Am Gracious I Am The Forgiver Of All Transgressions I Am The Manna Which Came Down From Heaven I Am The Breath That Gives You Life I Am He Who Will Not Remember Your Sins I Am The Beloved In The Song Of Songs I Am God Who Stretches Out His Hand I Am The Liberty You See Through My Spirit I Am Ever Faithful I Am God In The Midst Of Your Land I Am The Forgiver Of Inequity I Am Abundant In Mercy I Am The Altar Of Peace For Your Fear I Am The Lord Who Makes Wise The Simple I Am God Who Is Daily Full Of New Mercy I Am God Who Comforts You I Am God Of The Poor And Stranger I Am Gentle And Lowly In Heart I Am God Who Exercises Love And Kindness I Am The Enemy Of The Enemies Of Israel I Am Saviour Of Both: The Gentiles And The Jews I Am He Before Whom Every Knee Will Bow I Am The Battle Standard I Am Your Sharp Two-Edge Sword I Am Your Battle Cry I Am A Warrior And My Kingdom Is Spread By Force I Am The Lord Mighty In Battle I Am The One Who Annialates Satan’s Plans I Am The Spirit Of Might I Am The Master Planner Of All Nations And Kingdoms I Am He Who Leads You For My Great Name’s Sake I Am The Conqueror Of Death, Hell And The Grave I Am Both: Warrior And Poet I Am The Supreme God, Deliverer And Possessor I Am The Lord Of Hosts I Am The Kingdom, The Power And The Glory I Am God Who Cast Out Nations Before You I Am Commander And Chief Of All Heavens Armies I Am He Who Drives Out The Wicked Before You I Am The Defender Of Those Who Believe In Me I Am Your Strength I Am The Lamb Sitting On The Throne I Am Your Victorious Banner I Am The Fullness Of Greatness, Power, Glory, Victory, And Majesty I Am God Almighty And Infinite In Strength I Am Your Mighty Shield I Am The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah I Am The Sword Of The Spirit I Am Your High Tower I Am The Defender Of Israel I Am Your Fortress