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Will The Rapture Be Pre-Trib?


Jesus IS coming to rapture (catch up) his Church before the tribulation period. The thing is that, not all who call themselves Christian are. Everybody & their grandmother say they’re a Christian. They are NOT. Those people will be left behind & exposed for their lies. That’s what the Bible is saying when it says they will be naked. Exposed! Rev. 16:15 Sandie4111

God will remove the Church before pouring out His wrath. It may only be a small number of people, but He is coming back to catch them away.

There is a pre-trib rapture as described in 1Thess. 4:13-18 which also goes hand in hand with Rev. 3:10.

We, as true followers of Christ, have always had personal trials and tribulations that the Lord uses to make us stronger and conform us in His likeness. This is not what He speaks of in regard to rapturing us away.

He is taking us away from the time of testing which will befall all the inhabitants of the earth as described in Rev. 3:10(7 year Tribulation).

Otherwise, why would the Lord tell us to comfort one another with these words, as He did in 1Thessalonians 4:18?

If not for a pre-trib rapture, there’s no point in a rapture at all.

~God bless~RaptureMe2


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