Pastor Greg Laurie Did you know There are over 100 passages that detail the origin, nationality, career, character, kingdom and final doom of Antichrist or the Beast of Revelation? But is he fact or fiction? Does he walk the earth today? When will he reveal himself? Well, let’s talk about all that! ________________________________________________________________ Chapters 0:00​ Intro and Welcome Prayer 7:17​ Worship Begins (We Praise You) 12:09​ Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here 19:00​ Billy Graham Book/Support The Ministry 26:27​ Worship (Graves into Gardens) 18:25​ Resurrecting 32:11​ Message begins “Who is the Antichrist ” 1:12:34​ Invitation to Accept Christ 1:09:30​ Worship 1:18:35​ Closing Thoughts 1:23:02​ Message Study Notes

Real Life with Jack Hibbs

In the End Times or Last Hour or The End of Days, or at that time a man will arise to oppose all that is Jesus Christ and His Last Days followers. He will do so more than anyone else in human history. He will be proclaiming to be the true Messiah, the Antichrist will seek world domination, and will attempt to destroy all followers of Jesus Christ and the nation of Israel. 0:00​ – Introduction 34:24​ – 1. He will be the consummate politician (king) 38:30​ – 1A. He will usher in a peace-plan in the Middle East 44:38​ – 1B. He will bring about a global economic recovery 55:06​ – 2. He will be a master of deception (spiritual)

– Traducerea Dumitru Cornilescu

– Traducerea Dumitru Cornilescu

– Traducerea Dumitru Cornilescu

– Traducerea Dumitru Cornilescu

Daniel Branzei: Grădinarul (3) și Iacov


„Spinul“ din familia Domnului a ajuns „stâlpul“ din biserica primară. Iacov, fratele mai mic al lui Isus din Nazaret este una din marile dovezi ale Învierii. V-ați gândit vreodată la asta?

Behold Israel/ românesc:Romanian
Behold Israel/ românesc: Urmărește învățătura lui Amir în direct cu această temă fascinantă și relevantă! Ești un martor…. sau vei avea nevoie de unul?

Daniel Branzai
Viața în trupul lui Christos presupune: Vitalitate Unitate, Diversitate Maturitate (acest studiu) Activitate

Daniel Branzai– Sărbătorește faptul că alții nu sunt ca tine! Mulțumește Domnului pentru ei!

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