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BIBLE STUDY: If Jesus were the pastor of your church you probably wouldn’t go there – Francis Chan


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Published on Oct 25, 2013

Before you make negative assumptions and comments about Francis Chan I highly recommend that you research him and the church that he pastored in the past.

This is an amazing study… I hope you watch to the end. It will stop you in your tracks before you even think about arguing with unbelievers…. or professing believers.

None of us want to admit that we are this Christian… that we are “flavorless salt”. Time to get honest….

PLEASE REFRAIN from trying to interrupt the work of the Holy Spirit in others lives … I will no longer post comments that do this. Please please leave people be.

Christians sowing discord will be blocked. Ain’t nobody got time for that

He kinda pokes fun at people in the south (hes speaking in the south)

1:19 why I want to learn how to do a single knockout punch (I know, not very feminine of me but it just seems like it may come in handy some day)

10:00 The church in biblical times was an unstoppable force. Churches in China an unstoppable force. In the US, the speaker not being as good, the band sucks, childcare they don’t like and changing service times are among the reasons people leave churches today. Not an “unstoppable force” nor a church that the”gates of hell would not prevail against”

12:00 followers of Jesus leaving the church… the Jesus that said that you can’t go bury your father. those followers?

13:14 If Jesus had a church in Simi Valley, Francis’ church would be bigger. [this is a very amazing and honest insight… think about it] Francis: “there are people that follow me that would NEVER follow Jesus.”

17:00 preaching the way that Jesus did: lays it out and then “if you get it, you get it” and walks away. “I speak in parables so that seeing they may not see, hearing they won’t really understand”

19:28 Why would Jesus deliberately confuse a crowd. Why would Jesus water a rock?

20:50 a lot of money is spent fertilizing rocks and thorns

22:15 We love crowds, Jesus didn’t.

27:38 Salt is good, but what good is it if it loses it flavor? Its of no use, either for the soil or the manure pile. He who has ears, let him hear.

Francis goes on to give a salt illustration, pouring flavorless salt over salt with flavor. Jesus point: you all look like salt, but if you are not willing to sacrifice *everything* you are worthless to Him. Flavorless salt would even ruin manure (its of no use).

35:27 people fanatic about the Green Bay Packers… Crowd: “Woooo!” Francis: “Shut up”



Thanks for getting this amazing message out


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