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Ten Indictments {A Historical 21st Century Message} (Paul Washer)






Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church

In DEUTSCH hier!

Paul Washer’s sermon The Ten Indictments against the Modern Church addresses the issues of our day. In it, Paul takes up why some of our churches are suffering and unfruitful. He draws our minds to the fact that

  1. First, there is a denial of the sufficiency of Scripture.

  2. Second, there is an ignorance of who God is.

  3. Third, there is a failure to address man’s desperate condition.

  4. Fourth, there is an ignorance concerning the Gospel of Christ.

  5. Fifth, there is an unbiblical invitation system.

  6. Sixth, there is an ignorance regarding the nature of the church.

  7. Seventh, there is a lack of loving and compassionate church discipline.

  8. Eighth, there is a silence on separation from the world.

  9. Ninth, there is a replacement of Scripture with Psychology regarding the family.

  10. Tenth, there are pastors who are malnourished in the Word.

Watch and listen to the sermon – and be aware that this sermon is no “fast food”, but that it will need two full hours of your time — two hours which will be very well invested!)

Or get the sermon as a free booklet (download link at the end).

CHAPEL LIBRARY provides the sermon as PDF and E-Book for free. Download it by using the following links::

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