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Lukewarm Laodicea


July 14, 2012


 “And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; . . . I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” (Revelation 3:14-16)


The Lord Jesus used intense language to rebuke this church, the last of the seven He had John write to in the book of Revelation. Laodicea was dangerously near the brink of being disavowed by He who is the Head of the church.


 Such churches believe they “have need of nothing” (Revelation 3:17). Worldly wealth, extensive property, and popular recognition blinded these members and their leaders to their true spiritual condition. They failed to understand that, from the Lord’s perspective, they are “wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” (Revelation 3:17).


 The cause of this terrible spiritual destitution is being spiritually tepid. It’s like expecting a glass of cold water or a cup of hot tea but finding everything at room temperature. This church “tasted” just like the world around them. They were neither godly nor in rebellion–just “nice people” who blended in well with the community. Their spiritual reputation did not smell either like life or death (2 Corinthians 2:16).


 Despite the Lord’s distaste for such a condition, He loved and counseled them to “buy” from Him the gold of the kingdom’s true wealth, righteous clothing that would cover their shameful exposure of worldly behavior, and to anoint their spiritual eyes so that they could see eternal values rather than temporal things.


 As the Lord graciously closed His letter, He “stands at the door” of the church, waiting for anyone to open and let Him in (Revelation 3:20). Tepid spirituality keeps the Lord outside. What a shame that such could ever be said about any church.

by Henry Morris III, D.Min.


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la mantuire

Daca mantuirea daruita de Dumnezeu pacatosilor prin Domnul Isus este deplina, vesnica, sigura, de ce, totusi , Ap. Pavel ii indeamna pe Filipeni:

Duceti pana la capat mantuirea voastra, cu frica si cutremur” (Filipeni 2:12). Cum trebuie sa intelegem acest text?

Mai intai, sunt de remarcat doua pericole care ii amenintau pe credinciosii din Filipi; primul, pericolul “de a se lasa infricosati de protivnici”, cu alte cuvinte pericolul adversitatilor din afara (1:28).

Al doilea, pericolul adversitatilor dinlauntru: disensiuni intre frati sau surori (vezi Fil. 2:1-3). Se pare ca Filipenii au primit harul sa faca fata cu curaj adversitatilor din afara, dar mult mai periculoase erau disensiunile dinlauntrul adunarii, de aceea, Ap. Pavel le aminteste de exemplul Suprem al Domnului Isus Christos, care S-a smerit pana la moarte si inca moarte de Cruce, de aceea Dumnezeu L-a inaltat cu inaltare suprema.

Conflictele in adunarea din Filipi au intervenit intr-un timp cand Ap. Pavel nu mai putea fi intre ei: era in lanturi., la Roma. In asemenea imprejurari, Filipenii trebuiau sa dea dovada de o vie veghere spirituala, pentru a ramane intr-o stare placuta lui Dumnezeu, in ciuda dificultatilor pe care le intampinau. Trebuiau sa duca pana la capat mantuirea lor. Atentie, insa: nu mantuirea sufletelor lor.

Slavit sa fie Dumnezeu! UN ALTUL a dus pana capat mantuirea sufletului lor, Cel despre care la Evrei 10:14 se spune “ Caci printr-o singura Jertfa a facut desavarsiti pentru totdeauna pe cei ce sunt sfintiti”.

Atunci despre ce mantuire este vorba?

Raspuns: despre mantuirea umblarii noastre de crestini in viata noastra de zi cu zi.

Acesta mantuire, a vietii noastre de fiecare zi presupune doua laturi:

  • · mai intai, este un fapt esential, subliniat la Fil. 2:13: Caci Dumnezeu este Acela care lucreaza in voi si va da dupa placerea Lui si vointa si infaptuirea.”.

  • · in al doilea rand, este o consecinta esentiala: vointa si infaptuirea lucrate de Dumnezeu in viata credinciosului inseamna harnicie spirituala. Crediciosul, in trairea zilnica a mantuirii isi da toate silintele sa uneasca cu credinta fapta, cu fapta cunostinta, cu cunostinta infranarea, cu infranarea rabdarea, cu rabdarea evalavia, cu evalvia dragostea de frati, cu dragostea de frati iubirea de oameni. (2 Petru 1:5-7).

Dar de ce “cu frica si cu cutremur’?

– Pentru ca nu este vorba de frica “terorii”, ci de frica sau reverenta, de respectul sfânt al unui copil bun, care nu vrea sa se abata de la voia tatalui

Intr-un cuvant, textul in discutie se refera la aspecte ale mantuirii prezente, la umblarea noastra de fiecare zi ca oameni credinciosi.

Serban Constantinescu Postat pe http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Virtualfellowship/message/12


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