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Florica Nistor – partea1


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Florica Nistor – partea 2


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Sabina Wurmbrand


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primul clip dintr-un interviu in anul 2000. nu stiam atunci ca avea sa fie ultimul…operator de imagine: Virginia Brasov

Sabina Wurmbrand – 2


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  • Needs an English transcript/subtitles 🙂 although it was wonderful to see a moving picture and hear the voice of this brave sister in Christ – Thanks.

    aardvark1956 4 years ago 8
  • In all places, God has His own witnesses of the Gospel to proclaim His Word. And we, in the year 2000, are very special witnesses because when the Lord spoke to His disciples and told them to go to all the world and proclaim the Gospel, the smart people of that time could have smiled, a God who dies on the cross, doesn’t leave behind an organization, committee or bank, and says to this small group “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel.” We, after 2000 years, who live now, are witnesses.

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