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 All things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28 ESV)

The Lord Jesus derived much strength from this knowledge of purpose with which His life was bound up. There is no doubt that we too shall get strength from that sense of purpose, that consciousness of a Divine vocation which is ours. That is why the enemy always tries to discourage us. He seeks to raise questions

and doubts in our hearts as to the reaching of the goal, telling us that our labor is in vain. If he succeeds to rob us of that sense of purpose in our life, to make us doubt with regard to our testimony, our work, or the value of the suffering we have to go through, we shall lose our strength and the enemy will get the upper hand.

Jesus Christ was maintained in God’s strength all the way through, because He was dominated by the sense of His mission, because He kept firm His purpose. If we hold fast the purpose of our life, if we keep in view our heavenly calling, we too shall be maintained in strength. But if we try to fulfill some ambition of our own, if we carry out our own programs, if we keep some movement going, there will be no Divine resources available for us. In order to be maintained in strength it is essential that we know that we are in the purpose of God. Our service must always be the result of a Divine purpose. It is of the greatest importance for us to realize that we have a place in God’s plan. We have to deny ourselves. In God’s purpose there is no room for personal interests. “To them that love God,” to them whose heart is taken up with God and the fulfillment of His purpose, “all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to His purpose.” That is a definite statement showing believers are called into a Divine purpose. We have got to know as definitely as the Lord Jesus knew, that we are in God’s purpose.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: Christ Our All – Chapter 10 

Christ Our All (1935)

by T. Austin-Sparks

From a series of messages given in Gümligen, Switzerland in 1935.

From unpublished manuscripts. Published on the web in May 2009.


Chapter 1 – The Cross of Christ the Basis of a New Creation

Chapter 2 – Christ in Heaven Our Sufficiency

Chapter 3 – The Anointing

Chapter 4 – An Open Heaven

Chapter 5 – A Heavenly Life

Chapter 6 – Fellowship with God

Chapter 7 – The Hidden Manna

Chapter 8 – “My Peace I Give Unto You”

Chapter 9 – The Meaning and Value of Sonship

Chapter 10 – The Secret Strength of Divine Purpose

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Online Books – Carti electronice.

agnus dei – english + romanian blog

Online Books – Carti electronice

  ROMANIAN – Carti in Limba Romana

  1. Calatoria Crestinului (format audio) de John Bunyan (Romanian) 26 de episoade audio (Resurse Crestine)
  2. C.S.Lewis – Crestinismul redus la esenta
  3. C.S.Lewis – Scrisorile lui Zgindarila
  4. C.S.Lewis – Apologetica Lewisiana si A grief observed traduse in Limba Romana
  5. John Piper – Nu-ti risipi viata
  6. Leonard Ravenhill – De ce intirzie trezirea
  7. Lucrarea Duhului Sfint de Wayne Grudem.      Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  8. Rene Chenaux-Repond De ce cred in Isus Prefata si Capitolul 1– Minunile lui Isus, Capitolul 2– Invierea lui Isus, Capitolul 3,4,5-Unicitatea vietii si invataturii lui Isus,Isus cel fara pacat, Ce a facut Isus pentru mine, Capitolul 6-7– Ce am gasit in Isus, Viata in Duhul lui Isus, realitatea spirituala.
  9. Wilhelm Busch – Cind omul nu mai poate sa creada Part 1    Part 2  Part 3-4
  10. Traian Dorz – Hristos, marturia mea
  11. Viata si lucrarea lui Dumitru Cornilescu de Alexandru Maianu (via Cristianet.Ro)
  12. Dumitru Cornilescu – Cum m-am intors la Dumnezeu
  13. Din viata si lucrarea lui Teodor Popescu (Crestin dupa Evanghelie si prietenul lui Dumitru Cornilescu) de Horia Azimioara (via Cristianet.Ro)
  14. Mai curat decit diamantul de Madame J.C. de Ferrieres
  15. Caracterul conteaza Mark Rutland – Caracterul conteaza
  16. Zbaterea numita viata de Martin Homann
  17. Esti sigur ? Petru Popovici
  18. Povestiri cu Wilhelm Busch
  19. Perry Stone – SECRETE DE DINCOLO DE MORMINT traducere de Avram Cuc (1)  Doua Judecati Diferite Ce Vor Avea Loc In Cer  (2) Cele Cinci Cununi   (3) Cartile din Cer – format video Ospat cu Manna – Cum vor arata trupurile noastre inviate?
  20. Viata lui Sadhu Sundar Singh traducere Avram Cuc – Biografia 1889-1929 Introducere/Cap 1 , Capitolul 2 In cautarea pacii , Capitolul 3 Incercari si persecutii
  21. Istoria Martirilor de John Foxe, traducere Petru Popovici
  • Introducerea si Capitolul 1  – Apostolii, Martiraj sub Imparatii Nero, Domitian, Traian, Adrian, Antoninus Verus, Severus
  • Capitolul 2  – Martiraj sub Imparatii Maximumus, Decius, Valerian, Dioclesian, Licinius, Persia, Iulian si Constantin cel Mare
  • Capitolul 3  – John Wycliffe, Sir William Sautre, John Badby, William Thorpe, Jan Huss, Ieremia din Praga, William White, Joan Boughton si Girolamo Savonarola
  • Capitolul 4 – Joan Clerk, Thomas Chase, Laurence Ghest, John Browne
  • Capitolul 5 A – Martin Luter, Ulrich Zwingli, Wendelmuta, Waldenzii, Thomas Bilney, John Twkesbury, John Frith, Andrew Hewet, Thomas Bennett, William Tyndale, John Lambert
  • Capitolul 5 B – Robert Barnes, Kerby si Clarke, Patrick Hamilton, Henry Forrest, Straiton si Gourlay, Thomas Forrest, George Wishart,  Adam Wallace, Walter Milne
  • Capitolul 6 A – John Rogers, Laurence Sanders, John Hooper, Rowland Taylor, William Hunter
  • Capitolul 6 B –   Rawlins White, George Marsh, William Flower, John Cardmaker şi John Warne, Thomas Hawkes


  1.  John Piper – Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to DieDownload the book for free.(From Desiring God-John Piper ministries)
  2. Alvin Plantinga – Warranted Christian Belief (545 pages-Classic Book)
  3. Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

    John Piper & Wayne Grudem, editors

  4. A.W.Tozer – The Pursuit of God
  5. Sam Storms – The Restoration of all Things
  6. “I wait upon my God” the contribution of Michael Sattler to the Baptist Heritage
  7. Ben Hur
  8. The Diary of John Wesley – Introduction and Chapter 1  Chapter 2- Return to England, meeting George Bohler Chapter 3 –  Field-Preaching; “All the World my Parish”; Whitefield; Wales; Experience with Demons

3 books on how to pray for your wife, husband and children by Author Andrew Case (HisMagnificence.com)

  1. Water of the Word (For the Husband-How to intercede for Her) pdf 251 pages (articol introducere)
  2. Prayers of an Excellent Wife (For the Wife-How to intercede for Him) pdf 249 pages (articol introducere)
  3. Setting Their Hope in God (For Parents-How to intercede for children) pdf 249 pages (articol introducere)
  4. Samuel Chadwick –  The Path to Prayer

  1. Book of Martyrs by John Foxe
  2. Quo Vadis –  by Henryk Sienkiewicz  – A narrative of the time of Nero
  1. Charles Haddon Spurgeon – Four volume autobiography
  2. John Newton – a biography by John Dunn
  3. Martyn Lloyd Jones – Biography by John Peters

  1. George Whitefield –  59 Sermons
  2. E.M.Bounds The necessity of Prayer (or how to grow in grace) (read blog post)

Booklets from Desiring God Org.

Sexual Sin (by Jeffrey S. Black)

Teens and Sex (by Paul David Tripp)

Pre-Engagement (by David Powlison & John Yenchko)

Pornography (by David Powlison)

Marriage (by Paul David Tripp)

Marriage Conference articles 2004

Mai curat decit diamantul de Madame J C de Ferrieres

By Josh Etter From DesiringGod.org –

The Bishop of Liverpool, J. C. Ryle

Since our first Conference for Pastors in 1988, Pastor John has given a biographical study of a great hero of the faith—”men of whom the world is not worthy.” This year Pastor John will focus on J. C. Ryle, the Bishop of Liverpool. Here’s a quick preview:

Join us on January 30 to February 1 for our 2012 Conference for Pastors, “God, Manhood & Ministry: Building Men for the Body of Christ.” Registration is now open.

For the full list of resources from J. C. Ryle, check out Ryle Books at JCRylequotes.com. Or read some of his books online for free:

Carti scrise de Pastorul Daniel Branzai (Romanian)

Carti de studiu, predici, ilustratii

La sugestia multora, mai ales a celor care n-au avut ocazia sa le cumpere din librarii, Pastorul Daniel Branzai a afisat intr-un email (care l-am primit si eu) si pe blogul dinsului  link-uri catre cateva cartii de studiu biblic:

1. “Chemarea intelepciunii, studii in cartea Proverbelor” – pdf

2. “Chemarea harului, studii in cartea lui Iov” – pdf

3, “Chemarea Bisericii, studii in Efeseni” – pdf

4. “Chemarea datoriei, studii in cartea Estera” – pdf

5. “Identitate crestina in istorie” – html

6. “Chemarea vesniciei”, studii in Eclesiastul – pdf

7. “Grija de frati” – html

8. “Introducere in teologie” – html

9. “Raspunsul meu” – Billy Graham – html

10. “Dinamica Bisericii locale” – html

11. “Incredinteaza Domnului nervii tai obositi” – html

12. “Agonia batranei noastre planete” (rezumat), Hall Lindsey – html

13. “Divort si recasatorire” – pdf

14. “Maxicugetari” – html

15. “Amintiri cu sfinti”, vol. I – html

16. “Amintiri cu sfinti”, vol. III – pdf


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The Gospel Changes Everything

The gospel didn’t begin in the New Testament. It was there, “In the beginning,” at the genesis of everything. Across the whole of human history, God’s grand narrative of love and redemption has been unfolding, a love gloriously displayed at the cross. This is the story of Jesus, and all history and Scripture point us to this good news.

The Gospel Project is a Christ-centered Bible study resource that deeply examines the grand narrative of Scripture and how it transforms the

lives of those it touches. Every session immerses participants—adults, students, and kids—in the gospel through every story, theological concept, and missional charge from Genesis to Revelation.


The entire gospel story like kids have never seen it before!

The Gospel Project for Kids features


  • Three versions: Preschool, Younger Kids, and Older Kids
  • Videos that bring Bible stories to life
  • Music for all ages
  • Coloring pages for Preschool and Younger Kids
  • Fun-filled activity sheets
  • Low-prep lesson plans
  • Digital or print resources
  • Customizable parent resources

View Samples


Preschool Samples

  • Preschool Bible Study – includes large group and small group teaching plan for use with preschoolers, plus printable teaching resources that correspond with the lesson
  • Preschool Printablesincludes visuals with unit key passages and big picture questions for projecting or printing for class use
  • Preschool Worshipincludes teaching plan for preschoolers that extends bible study for an additional hour

Kids Samples

  • Younger Kids Bible Study – includes large group and small group teaching plan for younger kids, plus printable teaching resources that correspond with the lesson
  • Older Kids Bible Studyincludes large group and small group teaching plan for older kids, plus printable teaching resources that correspond with the lesson
  • Discussion Starter Video – includes short video for use in large group time as a discussion starter
  • Kids Printables – includes visuals with unit key passages and big picture questions for projecting or printing for class use
  • Kids Worshipincludes teaching plan for younger and older kids that extends bible study for an additional hour.

All Ages Samples

  • Bible Story Video – includes a bible story video for use during large group time for both preschoolers and children
  • Big Picture Card for Families – includes a card for use at home that reminds kids and parents about God’s Big Story
  • Parent Communication Content – includes content for emails, tweets, and texts to help reinforce bible content throughout the week.
  • Students

    • Personal Study Guide

    • Leader Guide

    • Adults

      • Personal Study Guide
      • Leader Guide
      • Get the whole story

        The Gospel Project for Students helps teens develop a bigger perspective of Scripture and how the story of Jesus Christ ties it all together. Teenagers live in a world defined by pressure—and with no shortage of opinions on how they should handle it. Every week, in every passage, your students will encounter the gospel through the in-depth study of biblical theology, apologetics, missions, and the grand narrative of Scripture. Because nothing has the ability to influence a teen’s life like the gospel.

        The Gospel Project for Students features

        • Leader and Learner Guides deliver a combination of biblical and systematic theology, with a strong connection to the gospel and missions.
        • Sessions offering in-depth study with discussion questions, drawing small groups and Sunday school classes into a lifestyle of discipleship.
        • Print and Digital editions: for greater flexibility and ease of use, all The Gospel Project resources will be available in print, digital, e-reader, and app formats.
        • Ongoing curriculum or short-term small group options: each quarterly release will be available initially as ongoing curriculum and release 6 months later as a stand alone study in book format.

        View Samples

      • God Has a Plan

        The Gospel Project for Adults guides men and women through key biblical concepts while creating a picture of the grand narrative of Scripture. If the entire Bible is the story of redemption through Jesus, then it is important to examine the theological and missional concepts within the text, as all of it is an important part of understanding the awesome power of the gospel.

        The Gospel Project for Adults features

        • Leader and Learner Guides deliver a combination of biblical and systematic theology, with a strong connection to the gospel and missions.
        • Sessions offering in-depth study with discussion questions, drawing small groups and Sunday school classes into a lifestyle of discipleship.
        • Print and Digital editions: for greater flexibility and ease of use all “The Gospel Project” resources will be available in print, digital, and app formats.
        • Ongoing curriculum or short-term small group options: each quarterly release will be available initially as ongoing curriculum and release 6 months later as a stand alone study in book format.

        View Samples

      • http://gospelproject.com/?cid=tgp-st-fb-feb12#footer

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What is predestination? Is predestination biblical?

Question: “What is predestination? Is predestination biblical?”

Answer: Romans 8:29-30 tells us, “For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the likeness of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers. And those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified.” Ephesians 1:5 and 11 declare, “He predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will…In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will.” Many people have a strong hostility to the doctrine of predestination. However, predestination is a biblical doctrine. The key is understanding what predestination means, biblically.

The words translated “predestined” in the Scriptures referenced above are from the Greek word proorizo, which carries the meaning of “determine beforehand,” “ordain,” “to decide upon ahead of time.” So, predestination is God determining certain things to occur ahead of time. What did God determine ahead of time? According to Romans 8:29-30, God predetermined that certain individuals would be conformed to the likeness of His Son, be called, justified, and glorified. Essentially, God predetermines that certain individuals will be saved. Numerous scriptures refer to believers in Christ being chosen (Matthew 24:22, 31; Mark 13:20, 27; Romans 8:33, 9:11, 11:5-7, 28; Ephesians 1:11; Colossians 3:12; 1 Thessalonians 1:4; 1 Timothy 5:21; 2 Timothy 2:10; Titus 1:1; 1 Peter 1:1-2, 2:9; 2 Peter 1:10). Predestination is the biblical doctrine that God in His sovereignty chooses certain individuals to be saved.

The most common objection to the doctrine of predestination is that it is unfair. Why would God choose certain individuals and not others? The important thing to remember is that no one deserves to be saved. We have all sinned (Romans 3:23), and are all worthy of eternal punishment (Romans 6:23). As a result, God would be perfectly just in allowing all of us to spend eternity in hell. However, God chooses to save some of us. He is not being unfair to those who are not chosen, because they are receiving what they deserve. God’s choosing to be gracious to some is not unfair to the others. No one deserves anything from God; therefore, no one can object if he does not receive anything from God. An illustration would be a man randomly handing out money to five people in a crowd of twenty. Would the fifteen people who did not receive money be upset? Probably so. Do they have a right to be upset? No, they do not. Why? Because the man did not owe anyone money. He simply decided to be gracious to some.

If God is choosing who is saved, doesn’t that undermine our free will to chose and believe in Christ? The Bible says that we have the choice—all who believe in Jesus Christ will be saved (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10). The Bible never describes God rejecting anyone who believes in Him or turning away anyone who is seeking Him (Deuteronomy 4:29). Somehow, in the mystery of God, predestination works hand-in-hand with a person being drawn by God (John 6:44) and believing unto salvation (Romans 1:16). God predestines who will be saved, and we must choose Christ in order to be saved. Both facts are equally true. Romans 11:33 proclaims, “Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!”

Recommended Resource: Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer.

This page is also available in: Chinese, Indonesia, Hebrew, Korean, Română, Arabic, Thai, Español, Russian, Português, Nederlands, Polski, Tagalog, Français, Srpski, Hrvatski, Italiano, Greek, Deutsch, Bulgarian, Japanese, Slovenčina, Cesky, Melayu, Sinhala, Trad-Chinese, Malayalam, Urdu, Việt, Farsi, Afrikaans, Magyar, Ukrainian, Hindi, Suomi, Mongolian, Türkçe, Bosanski, Norsk, Kiswahili

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What is predestination? Is predestination biblical?

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Arthur Walkington Pink, 1886-1952


Pink was born in Nottingham, England on April 1, 1886 and became a Christian in his early 20′s. Though born to Christian parents, prior to conversion he migrated into a Theosophical society (an occult gnostic group popular in England during that time), and quickly rose in prominence within their ranks. His conversion came from his father’s patient admonitions from Scripture. It was the verse, Proverbs 14:12, ‘there is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death,’ which particularly struck his heart and compelled him to renounce Theosophy and follow Jesus.

Desiring to grow in knowledge of the Bible, Pink immigrated to the United States to study at Moody Bible Institute. In 1916 he married Vera E. Russell, who was from Kentucky. However, he left after just two months for Colorado, then California, then Britain. From 1925 to 1928 he served in Australia, including as pastor of two congregations from 1926 to 1928, when he returned to England, and to the United States the following year. He eventually pastored churches Colorado, California, Kentucky and South Carolina.

In 1922 he started a monthly magazine entitled Studies in Scriptures which circulated among English-speaking Christians worldwide, though only to a relatively small circulation list of around 1,000.

In 1934 Pink returned to England, and within a few years turned his Christian service to writing books and pamphlets. Pink died in Stornoway, Scotland on July 15, 1952. The cause of death was anemia.

After Pink’s death, his works were republished by the Banner of Truth Trust and reached a much wider audience as a result. Biographer Iain Murray observes of Pink, “the widespread circulation of his writings after his death made him one of the most influential evangelical authors in the second half of the twentieth century.” His writing sparked a revival of expository preaching and focused readers’ hearts on biblical living.

Editor’s note:

One of my favorite quotes from dear Mr. Pink, is this excerpt taken from his work, “Present Day Evangelism”:

Do you imagine that the Gospel is magnified or God glorified by going to worldlings and telling them that they “may be saved at this moment by simply accepting Christ as their personal Savior” while they are wedded to their idols and their hearts are still in love with sin? If I do so, I tell them a lie, pervert the Gospel, insult Christ, and turn the grace of God into lasciviousness.

I have profited much from A.W. Pink’s works and sermons. He speaks so plainly and pointedly about matters concerning Christianity and doctrine. What I love about him is that even though he is half a century away from our time, his words preserved in pages upon pages of books resound ever clearer in our day and age. The evils that he fought against are the same evils that we struggle with in our time. The Truths that he fought for are the same Truths that we passionately give defense in our day.

Recommended works:

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